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John Riley is a 23-year radio veteran, musician, comedian, frazzled father of four and host of the Morning Drive on 93.3 The Drive (5:30 am to 9 am Monday through Friday). Named Local Radio Personality of the Year four times by the Illinois Broadcasters Association, Riley is a family-friendly entertainer using music, games, phone calls and his unique perspective to help listeners get their days started on the right foot. Riley is joined by long time market news voice Nancy Flagg. A busy, constantly on-the-run mother of three, Nancy keeps Central Illinois up on the latest news, lifestyle choices and gossip, and tries to keep John in line. Be sure to play along with "Who Are You?" at 6:10, Question Impossible at 7:10 (win $50 cash!), and "The Game" at 8:10! 

What you learned on TODAY's show .. and other stuff.

Today's Question Impossible: The average person does THIS 480 times per month. What is THIS? 

Answer: Swear

Congrats to Ed from East Peoria for winning $200!

Four women came out yesterday with new accusations against BILL COSBY.  LOU FERRIGNO's wife says he tried to assault her at his house in 1967, but she got away.  An actress from"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" says Bill forced himself on her in the green room of"The Tonight Show"in 1971.And a nurse from Florida and a woman from Pittsburgh say he drugged and assaulted them.

The American Music Awards is on Sunday .. I'm looking for to it .. lots of great Rumor has it ABC is nervous that JENNIFER LOPEZ and IGGY AZALEA'S performance of "Booty" at the American Music Awards on Sunday will be too raunchy Supposedly, they've banned BUTT CRACKS and RUBBING. Iggy says it'll be fine, but, quote, "We aren't performing in turtleneck sweaters." After getting a warm welcome in the Bahamas for a show yesterday,

He's been in the Bahamas .. but Bill Cosby returns to the U.S. tonight and will likely get an idea how fans will respond to the rape allegations that have been swirling around him. He is due to play a gig in Florida tonight.

During the performance in the Bahamas, Cosby did not mention the allegations, sticking to telling jokes and stories about growing up in Philadelphia. There were few empty seats in the small theater and no protests outside. The performance at a resort was a benefit for a women's service organization.


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