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John Riley is a 23-year radio veteran, musician, comedian, frazzled father of four and host of the Morning Drive on 93.3 The Drive (5:30 am to 9 am Monday through Friday). Named Local Radio Personality of the Year four times by the Illinois Broadcasters Association, Riley is a family-friendly entertainer using music, games, phone calls and his unique perspective to help listeners get their days started on the right foot. Riley is joined by long time market news voice Nancy Flagg. A busy, constantly on-the-run mother of three, Nancy keeps Central Illinois up on the latest news, lifestyle choices and gossip, and tries to keep John in line. Be sure to play along with "Who Are You?" at 6:10, Question Impossible at 7:10 (win $50 cash!), and "The Game" at 8:10! 

What you learned on TODAY's show .. and other stuff.

Today's Question Impossible: THIS increases your cat's stress level. 

Answer: Hearing rock music

Here's the rest of the story .... A new study found the music you play can really affect your cats. When cats heard rock music like AC/DC, they showed the highest signs of stress . . . but when they heard classical music it calmed them down. The researchers say it could be useful for veterinary clinics who want to calm cats down during surgery . . . or for people who have new cats with behavior problems. 

No winner for QI today so tomorrow we'll give away $250! Good luck! 
CAREFUL WHO YOU TEXT ... If you've ever sent a text to the wrong person .. man you are not alone. 70% of people say they text the wrong person all the time . . . 33% have gotten into a major fight after they sent someone a text that was meant for someone else . . . and 10% have even sent a SEXUAL message to the wrong person.

BUZZ For the first time in almost 20 years, TIGER WOODS is not one of the top 100 players in the Official World Golf Rankings.  His current ranking is 104th.  The last time Tiger wasn't in the Top 100 was September 29th, 1996, when he was #225.  At the time, he'd only been a pro golfer for a month. 

A new study found chocolate is better for your brain than exercise. Chocolate contains a chemical compound called flavanols which increases blood flow to the brain, improves people's memory, and makes them sharper overall. . . . but there's a catch. The researchers used a concentrated form of cocoa powder . . . and for YOU to get the positive effects that the people in the study got, you'd have to eat 44 pounds of chocolate in a DAY. (Oxford University Press)

Here's a good excuse to get out in the yard. Besides the fact that your yard looks horrible, the city of Peoria has resumed yard waste pickup. Residents served by Peoria Disposal should have it at the curb by 6:00 am in containers marked “yard waste.” Bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds. Collection is on regular trash days. 

RANDON FACT OF THE DAY : Astronauts can grow 3% taller in space . . . which is about two inches if you're six feet tall.  It takes a few months on Earth for gravity to pull them back down to their normal height.



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