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John Riley is a 23-year radio veteran, musician, comedian, frazzled father of four and host of the Morning Drive on 93.3 The Drive (5:30 am to 9 am Monday through Friday). Named Local Radio Personality of the Year four times by the Illinois Broadcasters Association, Riley is a family-friendly entertainer using music, games, phone calls and his unique perspective to help listeners get their days started on the right foot. Riley is joined by long time market news voice Nancy Flagg. A busy, constantly on-the-run mother of three, Nancy keeps Central Illinois up on the latest news, lifestyle choices and gossip, and tries to keep John in line. Be sure to play along with "Who Are You?" at 6:10, Question Impossible at 7:10 (win $50 cash!), and "The Game" at 8:10! 

What you learned on TODAY's show .. and other stuff.

Today's Question Impossible: More than five million people still use this out-of-date technology. 

Answer: Rabbit ear antennas

No winner so tomorrow's QI is up to $100!

BUZZ : Nearly 17 million of us watched Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday making it the biggest ratings show for ABC's "20/20" on a Friday night in 15 years. Highlights from the interview include : 

told Sawyer he couldn't live a lie anymore and had to tell his story about being transgender.

Bruce said he got so depressed last year about the media getting into his business that he contemplated suicide. 

Diane Sawyer asked Bruce Jenner if this whole thing is just one giant publicity stunt, especially considering he's involved with the Kardashians and their reality shows.  But he said it's definitely not the case.

Bruce Jenner said he HAS picked a new female name, but he wouldn't tell it to Diane Sawyer.

Bruce Jenner talked about whether or not he'll be getting sexual reassignment surgery.  He said he will, but it will be way "down the line" before he actually does it.

Kim Kardashian was on NBC's Today show today .. and says she's happy he's living his life the way he wants to live it.

Other BUZZ news .. 
BOBBY BROWN has filed for guardianship over the estate of his daughter BOBBI KRISTINA . . . which includes a $20 million inheritance from her mother WHITNEY HOUSTON.  Bobbi Kristina has what could very well be a long lifetime of medical care ahead of her.

"Furious 7" topped the box office for a fourth straight weekend with another $18.3 million.  Its worldwide total gross just passed $1.3 BILLION, making it the fifth-biggest global blockbuster EVER. The only new movie in the Top 10 this weekend was"The Age of Adaline" with BLAKE LIVELY. . . it made $13.4 million in 3rd place. 


If you could use some extra cash, the website posted a list of the best part-time jobs that pay well. Here are the top seven . . .

1. Uber driver. They make between $15 and $30 an hour. You need a decent car though, and have to pass a background check.

2. Bartender. You can make anywhere from $10 to $75 an hour, depending on the bar.

3. Office professional, meaning a temp. They usually make $20 to $30 an hour.  But if you're really good at something like Quickbooks, you can make more.

4. Babysitter, $13 to $18 an hour. Or more depending on who you're babysitting for.  If you do it through an agency, you usually have to get CPR training and pass a drug test.

5. Part-time web designer. Depending on how good you are, you can make anywhere from $20 an hour to $150 an hour.

6. Dog walker, $15 to $75 an hour.  But that higher number is if you're walking more than one dog at a time.

7.Tutor. The really good ones make up to $200 an hour.


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