Nancy: Who else thinks Necco Wafers taste like chalk?

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Apparently going out of business is GOOD for business!

Necco Wafers are having a massive surge of popularity right now because the company that makes them announced last month that they’d probably be going out of business soon. After that announcement, there was a stampede of nostalgic people trying to buy their products.. Sales jumped 63%. Really? Does anyone else think the “old-fashioned” candy tastes like chalk?  The question .. is that surge enough to save the company?  Probably not.

What other “old-fashioned” candy do you LIKE?



75% of people say if someone does this on a date, it’s a deal breaker. What is it? Nancy : I cannot wait to see this movie! John: What The %@#$&…!! This United States institution is actually 140 years older than the U.S. What is it? Nancy: Stinky things in the studio! John: Get Offa My Lawn…!!