Nancy: Who else is guilty of THIS?

My husband dislikes when I drive with him. Plain and simple. We argue. And I’ll admit it’s mostly my fault because I AM A BACK SEAT DRIVER. In some cases, it’s with good reason. He’s gotten worse in his older age. Even he admits that he has to pay extra attention when driving and parking.  What can I say .. I’m working on it.

Apparently, back seat driving isn’t just annoying, it’s downright dangerous. A new survey found that 7% of people have gotten into an accident because of a backseat driver. So, what constitutes a back seat driver? Like you don’t know.

The top signs you’re a backseat driver are:

  • Criticizing the driver’s decisions
  • Complaining about them going too fast (or too slow)
  • Gasping when they brake
  • Flinching when the car gets too close to another car
  • Pressing an imaginary brake pedal
  • Giving the driver advice on switching lanes
  • Pointing out when lights turn green or red
  • Insisting on giving directions

I’m guilty of 4-5 of these infractions. What about you?



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