Nancy: Ugh .. I’ve done it AGAIN!

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I’ve done it again! Ugh! I’ve forgotten one of my many passwords!

It’s my frustration these days and while I know there are several solutions, I haven’t found one yet that works for me.  Sitting on my desk right now, I see four scraps of paper with four different usernames and passwords for log-ins. That system will most definitely NOT work, so I must come up with a new one. About a month ago, on the morning show, we talked about a guy named Bill Burr who apparently came up with the common practice/rules for creating strong and effective passwords about 15 years ago. He now says he’s sorry because, as we have all found, using one capital letter, one number and one symbol are not only annoying, research has proven they’re not that effective. According to an article, passwords that are longer are more secure. So, if I use four, random, common words like flower-dog-money-bucket, it would take hackers much longer to steal my password compared to current shorter, randomized words. It’s a good start. And probably easier to remember. Can I use one password for ALL my accounts? I think I know the smart answer to that but I may just do it anyway. Hackers .. stay away!!



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