Nancy: Read this really good book!

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Sitting on the couch for hours and hours following shoulder surgery has resulted in, at least, one great perk … I’ve been reading more. My goal is to keep reading for at least an hour a day. One of the books I finished was “The Wife Between Us,” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I read a lot of women’s fiction and romance, but this was more of a thriller. I highly recommend it and I’ll have another recommendation soon, as I am on the verge of finishing another good one.

Are there any new books out that you’ve recently read that I might like?


75% of people say if someone does this on a date, it’s a deal breaker. What is it? Nancy : I cannot wait to see this movie! John: What The %@#$&…!! This United States institution is actually 140 years older than the U.S. What is it? Nancy: Stinky things in the studio! John: Get Offa My Lawn…!!