Nancy Flagg: Mystery Oreos .. Revealed!

We’ve been waiting a few months and now it’s been revealed ..

Oreo announced the flavor of its Mystery Cookie and a lot of people guessed correctly! Both John and I were on the right track as we could taste the fruity flavor. And yep, it turned out to be … Fruity Pebbles Oreos.

With that said, I did NOT like the taste at all. I thought it had an awful after-taste, so I’ll just stick with my favorite Double Stuf Oreos, thank you.

Happy eating!



The time is takes to do THIS is exactly 3 seconds. What is THIS? Nancy: What is a perfect day for you? John: Get Happy…! Nancy: Which flavor do you most want to try? It’s a little unusual but THIS is against the law in parts of Australia. John: Like The Corners Of My Mind…