Nancy: Are you a humblebragger?

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Are you familiar with the term “humblebragging?” I am not. At least, I wasn’t until this morning when we talked about it during the Morning Drive with John & Nancy. It’s when someone brags but tries to disguise it as a negative thing. For example, someone might say or write (on social media) … “Ugh, 13 people told me I looked hot today.  So annoying!”

Do people really do that? I guess I don’t see much of it. Maybe I just don’t pay attention.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but DON’T humblebrag. People hate it. In fact, researchers found that most people react more negatively to humblebrags than to straight bragging.

So, next time you want to humblebrag, stop. You don’t need any charades. Just go for it and toot your own horn.


75% of people say if someone does this on a date, it’s a deal breaker. What is it? Nancy : I cannot wait to see this movie! John: What The %@#$&…!! This United States institution is actually 140 years older than the U.S. What is it? Nancy: Stinky things in the studio! John: Get Offa My Lawn…!!