Nancy: A “feel good” story!!!

I think we’d all agree that most teenagers don’t have any idea how the world really works. And this group actually admitted it and apologized for it.

Here’s the story: four 13-year-olds recently went out to dinner while on a homecoming date.  The waiter was apparently very cool. He accommodated a few allergies and basically walked them though the ordering process. And he treated them like adults which they really loved. In the end, though, the kids only tipped him $3.28.  They didn’t realize what an awful tip it was .. until about  a week later. That’s when they wrote a two-page apology note and admitted they just didn’t know what they were doing.  They returned to the restaurant with a more appropriate 18% tip, plus a little extra to say thanks.

Apparently the waiter is the one who posted the note online, and now it’s going viral.

Read the note



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