How much does Taylor make? WOW!!!

TAYLOR SWIFT is the highest-paid entertainer in the world.  Over the past year, she’s banked $170 MILLION.  She’s followed by One Direction, and author James Patterson.

How does she stack up specifically against other musicians? Adele checks in at No. 9 on the list with $80.5 million, Rihanna with $75 million and Katy Perry at 63 with $41 million.

Kim Kardashian was 42nd on the Forbes list of top-earning celebrities. (she made $51 million) But she still got the cover of the magazine. That’s the effect Kardashian has on things these days. Part of Kardashian’s appeal, no doubt, is her ability to make money with no tangible ability, other than that of being famous. Forbes notes that nearly half Kardashian’s income comes from a mobile game that features her name and likeness.

MADONNA reportedly asked to be on JAMES CORDEN’s “Carpool Karaoke”, but they told her, quote, “You’re on the list” . . . meaning she’d have to WAIT.  A source says she wasn’t happy, but she’s keeping her mouth shut, because she wants to do the show.

Joe Perry is said to be is “doing well” after being taken to a hospital two night ago.  He’d been performing with Hollywood Vampires and the group says he is fine and resting and they appreciate the good wishes.   is AEROSMITH bandmate TOM HAMILTON Tweeted that he’s, quote, “better than we all first feared.”  The HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES will resume their tour tonight without him.  There’s no word if they’re getting a replacement.

 (Photo: Eva Rinaldi/Creative Commons/flickr)



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