John: “I Have No Idea…”

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What if the last thing you texted was put on your tombstone to sum up your life for all eternity?  A guy on Twitter posted this idea over the weekend and people were having fun with it on the show this morning.   Some of my favorites: “I’ll be up soon”,  “Did you eat my chicken enchiladas?”,  “On my way now”, ” I’ll call you from the usual spot.” and “So that’s where I left it.”

Nancy’s was, “Dots or Tropical Dots”.

Mine was perfect.

Based on my last text my tombstone will read, “I have no idea…”



Nancy: Which movies can you watch over and over again? John: Happy Father’s Day Nancy: What is the best thing about working from home? John: Movin’ Out… Nancy: How sincere are YOU? Show us! John: Get Busy…