John: Fashion (Non) Sense…

Fashion has never been my thing.  I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt guy.  I’ll add a sweater in the winter, but that’s about as chic as I get.  I get why people are into clothes, but I don’t have the eye or the time (or the money) to dress to the nines… Heck,  I’ve had the same haircut since 1968.  For some, however, the clothes make the man…or woman.  This morning I saw this article and thought it was a joke.  Apparently, if you really want to dress for success, you can don this for $700. 

Check it out here


Nancy: You’ve gotta watch this!!!!! It’ll give you chills! John: I’ll have regular… Nancy: Hair NO! John: Lighten up… John: We’re All Adults Here… Nancy: Another Edition of Random Fun Facts