John: Don’t worry. Be happy.

Short term happiness is easy. (Fast food. Amazon. New car. Beach vacation.)  Long term happiness is hard.  Or is it?  Harvard University has been studying the key to staying happy for life for almost 80 years  (JFK was on the original research team).  They’ve recently settled on just two things:

  1. Stay social (connected to family and friends)
  2.  Don’t sweat the small stuff

Makes sense. I would add physical exercise to that list cuz you know, “If you don’t have your health…” , but I couldn’t get into Harvard.  The best thing about the results of study?  Unlike immediate gratification, staying happy for life is free…




Nancy: Which movies can you watch over and over again? John: Happy Father’s Day Nancy: What is the best thing about working from home? John: Movin’ Out… Nancy: How sincere are YOU? Show us! John: Get Busy…