BUZZ : Amber Heard pregnant ????

The ugliness that exists between JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD would get a whole lot uglier if Amber were expecting their baby.  And according to the “Star”, sources close to the couple are saying that’s true. Supposedly, Amber is going to fight tooth and nail for full custody, which will be a huge advantage for her when it comes time to hammer out a divorce settlement.

The”National Enquirer” says the reason we haven’t seen much of RICHARD SIMMONS over the past several years is because he’s transitioning into a WOMAN named Fiona. Richard’s rep says it’s not true.  He’s still saying that Richard is just taking a break from public life. He also said, quote, “When he decides to come back, he will come back . . . He’s a human being . . . he deserves his privacy.”

NICOLAS CAGE reportedly stopped filming his upcoming movie because he felt evil spirits in the house where they were shooting.  So he made the producers call in “spirit chasers” to cleanse the place.  It worked.


75% of people say if someone does this on a date, it’s a deal breaker. What is it? Nancy : I cannot wait to see this movie! John: What The %@#$&…!! This United States institution is actually 140 years older than the U.S. What is it? Nancy: Stinky things in the studio! John: Get Offa My Lawn…!!